An idea that struck the minds of mommies during the lockdown period to provide women with all the information they need to live a healthier and more fulfilling life came into existence in Mar’21. Wushy Mommy is a trusted healthcare platform not just for women but everyone who seeks vital information related to pregnancy, abortion, and sex. 

Our aim is to educate and inspire women to take important decisions in their life on their own. We understand the challenges that women have to face every day in society, and so, we created a platform where women can seek all the answers they need. Whether you’re pregnant, planning for a pregnancy, or dealing with an unwanted pregnancy, Wushy Mommy is here to assist you and provide the utmost care at all times. While abortion may still be seen as a taboo in the society, we encourage all women to make a decision that’s solely their own and not enforced upon by their partner or anyone else. Women who are looking for access to safe abortion can order abortion pills from our website and get them delivered to their door. We strive to build a platform where safe abortion care is made available to every woman despite her race, ethnicity, and economical background.

Our team consists of mommies from different states of the US who have a lot in common – been through a pregnancy, experienced postpartum depression, and got their pregnancy terminated as well. “At the time of my first pregnancy, I felt it was too early and I wasn’t ready to be a mother yet. There was a lot on my shoulders and I couldn’t do it all alone as I broke up with my partner. Getting an abortion was the only option for me. When I look back, I don’t regret my decision but feel that my decision was solely based upon the circumstances and I did what felt right at the moment”, says Karen, a mommy of two kids, who’s now a part of Wushy Mommy. 

We feel that every woman has the right to make a well-informed decision about her pregnancy and do whatever she feels right for her. Our goal is to empower women and provide them with accurate and unbiased information about their health.